You've asked for it, reminded me, double reminded me, begged a little, reminded me once more and it's finally happening..... The Airbrush 101 Class!


Airbrush 101


When : Saturday 8/21/21 @ 1pm - 3pm CST


Where : ONLINE!  This is a live-streamed event with the recording available for you afterward!


What : This class will lay out and detail why you want an airbrush, all the materials you need, and a basic breakdown of what you can do with your amazing new tool!  We will break down the purchasing requirements into 3 groups - the "I'd really like to not spend more than $100" crowd, the "Alright, I want in!" crowd and lastly the "I want your setup" folks!  We will break down and I'll tell you my thoughts on different brands, tools and other items to purchase.  We will also dive into safety and cleanup!  You will receive an email confirming the date and time, a reminder email a week before the event and a live-link that will be emailed 30 minutes before the class!

Airbrush 101 - Learning Airbrush Basics