5% or Less Quality Rule

Painter’s quality comes first! All prints have a 5% or less blemish rule on your print to ensure a high-quality miniature. This could mean some details may be slightly warped, small print shift lines may be visible and support marks may exist depending on size and placement. These are very normal in 3d printing, however, I do my best as an artist first to ensure a great paint job ready miniature! If a print has issues beyond the 5% rule, I reprint it before shipping your order.

Holes in the Miniature

There are holes in your mini!? Yes! Large prints are typically hollow with a support structure on the inside, this is best practice to reduce issues that can happen in production. Most holes are manually placed by myself, I always try to place them on the bottom side of an area that will not be seen once the miniature is painted or put on a base. You can of course fill these with standard gap-filler and sculpt to texture match, but most people leave them be if they’re not visible.


Is there anything special required in assembly? Fine grit wet sanding works well on these prints if needed. Typical super glue is suggested when assembling. If you decide to pin something, please go as slow as possible, drilling into UV photoresin can cause it to shatter, this material is not like typical PVC/HIPS/Casting Resin. Gap-filling can be done with the most commonly used materials. (EI greenstuff etc)


What happens if something breaks? As with any miniature, breakage may happen. In most cases super glue works best for repair, however, sanding or scoring the broken area before glueing will help create a stronger bond.

When Will My Order Arrive?

We have a 3 - 5 business day turn around time. Miniatures are made to order and larger orders take more time to produce. If you place an order on a Monday for example, you can expect them to ship out the next Monday. Most larger miniatures may add a day to your production time and will have the additional time noted on their sales page. Standard USPS shipping times begin once your order hits the mail.

Residue / Powder

Theres something white on the mini? If there is any white residue or powder on your mini it is leftover from the cleaning process or I may have sanded/cleaned a portion of your mini before shipping it to you.


All items are made to order and all sales are final. If there is an issue that has happened in transit or anything related to quality, please contact me to discuss replacements or order credits.